Minister’s Message

I have served the First Congregational Church of Royal Oak as Senior Minister since October 1, 2001. I have really settled into this church and community and keep fresh through an abundance of new experiences, faces, ideas, challenges, traditions and more. Every day feels like an adventure and an exploration. I love being in this church family and in this community, and I‘m glad for this chance to tell you about it!

I live in Royal Oak with my wife, Chris, and our kids, Abbi and Ethan, who are both in school. I enjoy being a parent and a homeowner while living just a few blocks from church, stores, parks, downtown and more. This is a great town to live in.

In church, I love to preach and to prepare to preach. I love to be in worship, whether formal or informal. I love to explore new places in my own faith journey and to learn about the journeys others are traveling too. I love to see the whole church work together, guided by shared vision, made rich by shared talents, serving as a beacon of light and hope for a neighborhood and a community. I love to see people cross generational boundaries and appreciate the gifts of those before and after them. Most of all, I truly enjoy seeing others get excited about their own faith and to step out onto the path of life that is so rich in Christ. I have included a faith statement that is important to me as my introduction to you here. You may not have seen anything like it before, but it really speaks about what I believe. Let me know what you think of it- create or share your own ideas as well!

Outside of church, I like many different things. I am a big baseball fan, and love to watch and play as much as I can. I have been a faithful Detroit Tiger fan for my whole life. I have played “vintage baseball” which recreates the game as it was played in 1858. I play for the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak. More information about our team is available at www.wahoobaseball.com if you like. (My nickname on my team is Preacher- imagine that!) I love music as a listener and a singer. I OWN a guitar and would love to figure out how to use it over this summer! I sing in our worship services and with the band The PF Flyers. I love to cook (and eat) and I have a cool collection of board games that I enjoy bringing out for gatherings of friends. I like to try new things and share my hobbies with others. In recent years, Ethan and I have explored the city each summer and particularly enjoy the zoo, the Detroit Institute of Art and the Detroit Lions training camp!

As the seasons change, there are abundant opportunities to get involved here at FCC. The crack of the bat leads to softball teams, the whirr of activity at church leads to a dynamic meeting or class. The hum of the organ and the snap of a keyboard lead to powerful worship. The buzz of voices leads to great fellowship and smiling faces. Follow the signs around you and join with us here. I can tell you just how great it can feel to connect with the good people of FCC. I’m proud to say I am a part of this family of God. Write, call or come visit. I would love to hear from you!

Jude 2,
John Miller

God is.
God was.
God will always be.God created the Earth.
God created us.
God created me.God saw us sin.
God has faith in us.
God sent us Jesus.Jesus came.
Jesus died.
Jesus lives.

Jesus ministered to us.
Jesus ministers to us.
Jesus will minister to us.

Jesus taught us.
Jesus loved us.
Jesus was filled with the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit transcends.
The Holy Spirit strengthens.
The Holy Spirit guides.

The Spirit calls us.
The Spirit calls us.
The Spirit calls us.

The Spirit calls me.
The Spirit calls me.
The Spirit calls me.

God cares for us.
Jesus cares for us.
The Spirit cares for us.

God cares for us.
Jesus cares for us.
The Spirit cares for us.

God is Lord.
Jesus is Lord.
The Holy Spirit is Lord.

I am.
I once was not.
I will be, if I am in God.I must care for the earth.
I must care for others.
I must care for myself.We are fallen.
We are weak.
We are redeemed.Now I know much.
Now I see much.
Now I live forever.

We seek enlightenment.
We stand as the church.
We will be judged.

We are still ignorant.
We still hate and envy.
We still have hope.

I am filled.
I am healed.
I am led.

We do not hear.
We refuse to hear.
We must open our hearts.

I am called to minister.
I struggle.
I am sustained.

We worship.
We break bread.
We are baptized.

We read the Bible to learn.
We seek a model life.
We pray for guidance.

We are God’s.
We are loved.
We are guided.


John Miller, 1997