Minister’s Message

A Message from Mark

It did not take a long time to learn that the First Congregational
Church of Royal Oak is a good place to worship and enjoy fellowship.
The best part is to know that I am blessed by this opportunity to
share time with you.

Summer is a time to enjoy and reflect upon our faith and make plans
to live out that faith in the time to come. As an Interim minister I have
read such books as “Temporary Shepherds”. The author, Roger Nicholson,
causes me to think about what FCC offers to long time members and
those visitors coming through the doors for the first time. For all of us,
summer can be a time when we reflect upon the ministries we provide.
It can be a time to step back and come into the church as though it is
the first time. What do we see, hear and feel? What is “my” or “our” role,
not only as one who is enriched by being a part of FCC, but creating
a place where others benefit by being in our church building and from
our fellowship and worship? Asking the question how can I support
the efforts of the minister, the staff and their work?

We can ask if we are just doing things because we have been doing
it forever. Are we creatively and responsibly doing things that might be
new and might draw new, younger, older, different people into the fold?
Are we respecting our broad tradition of honoring “faith, freedom and
fellowship?” The time of an interim minister is a time to ask these
questions…for the interim minister and for the congregation.

Recently, the Meeting House (Sanctuary) was painted and two
of the offices have a new look. The landscape team, the Green Team,
has been working hard to keep things neat and tidy. Some new ideas
have been tried out. Name tags have enabled all of us to learn, or
remember, names on a Sunday morning. Now is the time to be vigilant
in maintaining and creating new opportunities for worship, fellowship,
and growing the faith that FCC can provide. Each one of us has a part
to play in that mission. Ask the question “What is God calling me to do?”


Rev. Dr. Mark Jensen
Interim Senior Minister