Minister’s Message

A Message from Mark

The wonder of nature confronts us with the passing of May and
the arrival of June. We note the cold and the rain, the sun and
the heat. All of this is a reminder telling us that in some things
we cannot change. What is good is that the lack of control helps
us focus on what we can control. Sometimes it is just that focus
which enables us to do great things.

This summer, as vacations and the ability to get outdoors brings new
opportunities to build our lives, let us take time to reflect upon the
good and the possible. Let us look to make change in our personal
lives and in our community lives.

Some of this can take place on Sunday mornings in worship, and
some when we cling to the sun and warm days, wherever we find peace.
Let us travel the journey laboring to find peace in our lives in God’s World!


Rev. Dr. Mark Jensen
Interim Senior Minister