The Minister’s Musings

Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Michigan weather. (I contend it is our reward for enduring another winter.) In most churches, programming begins to slow down, plans are made for the coming year, fewer people make their way to worship on Sunday morning, and visiting preachers bring a message as vacation and education time is taken. We step away from the usual and take in something different. I have always considered myself fortunate to have the option of a vacation; even if it finds me at home for a “staycation”. There are those people who never have the option of taking time to rest or relax from the usual day-to-day workload. Sometimes, it is because of family relationships. The raising of young children or caring for an ill loved one doesn’t offer down-time. Other times, however, people aren’t given the option of paid leave. For these, vacation is a dream.

I wonder if in the midst of our summer comings and goings we can remember those for whom vacation rest is not an option. Maybe we know someone who could use a hand. Might we spend some of our time as a way to give someone a break? I remember my Mom used to watch our daughter when she was under a year old so I could a) go to the grocery store or run errands in peace and b) nap. It was a weekly gift that I have always been grateful to have received.

I want to offer a special thanks to all those who care for the outside grounds during these beautiful seasons. One of the first things I noticed when I came here was the beauty of the gardens around the church. The love, care, and attention given by all those who make the time to weed and prune and plant is apparent. We are blessed to have a congregation of people who are willing to step forward and make things happen.

I hope you are fortunate enough to be able to rest and enjoy these beautiful months; eve if it is just a moment or two to stand with your face in the sunshine and soak in the surrounding beauty. Take care of yourselves and each other. And, as always, let us keep each other in prayer.

God’s Blessings and Peace

Rev. Carrie Orlando